Welcome to the Vela School Website

This website contains important information about Vela School that should be useful to both parent and learners. There may be questions you have and that may be answered just by going through the website. However if some of your questions are not answered here, please feel free to contact us through any of the available methods of communicating with us. You can call the school, email us or fill in the contact form on this website.

Vela School is a community school built on trust. The guidelines provided in this website provide a framework and mutual trust. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome our current parents, learners as well as our prospective parents and leaners. Over the years we have learnt that children whose parents are fully involved in their lives and take interest in what the children do at school everyday, have confidence and end up as high achivers.

Working together will guarantee a bright future for our children.


Message From The Headmistress: Mrs. Trollip

Welcome to Vela School. In a very real sense, the school and the many people who are involved in it will become your second home and an extended family. You are joining a big and caring family. Take advantage of the years you will spend at Vela School.

Vela is an outstanding school with a long-standing tradition of excellence and good matriculation results. As a learner, you are part of that tradtion. As part of the Vela School family, it is absolutely essential that you treat your teachers, peers and all adults with courtesy and respect, adhere to school rules and regulations and express your opinions and suggestions in a constructive manner. Participate in all school activities, but give your studies top priority. Be a learner who gives his/her best in all you do.

I wish you the best of luck in your studies.






News and Events




School closes


Collection of Reports


Canadian Visit


SRC Leadership Workshop


PTA Meeting


Blood Drive


Fire Drill


Interhouse Athletics


Matric Tie Ceremony


Junior School Parents Meeting


Grade 12 Parents Meeting


High School Parents Meeting (Gr 8 - 11)


1st Day of the School Year


School Closes


Collection of Reports


High School Exams Finish


Junior School Prize giving


High School Exams Start


Junior School Excursion

Our Grade 5s, 6s and 7s went on excursions to Hogsback and Port Shepstone. Check out the video below of a play performed by the Grade 6s and 7s in Port Shepstone.



Matric Valedictory



CAT rAge Expo Excursion

The grade 10 and 11 students jetted of to Johannesburg for a weekend excursion. CAT students attended the annual Rage Computer, Technology and Gaming Expo. Amongst the many technological gadgets on the expo floor was this 3D printer. Check out this short video to see how this device works and what it can do.


School Closes


Parents, please take note that school will from Monday 26/09/2016 come out at 14:00 for Grades 4 to 12. Foundation phase parents are in no way affected by this change in time. You will continue fetching your children as per the normal time.





A big, warm thank you to our Grade 7 class for their generous donation to our cleaning staff. This class was our winners for brininig in the most funds during our annual Spring Day activities. It was unanimously decided that their winnings be donated to the cleaning staff of the Junior School in appreciation for their efforts in keeping our school clean. Well done guys.