About Us

Vela School was founded in 1981. It was established to provide education to children from Grade R to Grade 12. It is co-educational and caters for day scholars and a limited numenr of boarders. We encourage our parents to keep their children in the school until Grade 12 so that they can get the sound eduactional background from which they can later build their careers. Our learners are being prepared to write a national examination, the Independent Examinations Board examinations a the end of Grade 12. Grade 3 to  Grade 9 write the International Benchmarking tests (I.B.T's); Grade 6 and Grade 9 write the IEB Core Skills Tests and Grades 1 to 6 and Grade 9 write the Annual National Assessment Tests (ANA). Since 1993, when we presented our first Grade 12 class for these examinations, our children have done exceptionally well.


Mission Statement

Vela School aims:

  • To educate learners within a Christian ethos to become well-adjusted, sociallyresponsible and law abiding citizens with sound values.
  • To establish and maintain a high standard of education.
  • To produce learners who will achieve academic excellence and success in their endevours.
  • To equip learners with knowledge and skills, which not only prepare them for tertiary education, but will also enable them to be employable after leaving school.

In fulfilling this noble mission, Vela School undertkes to:

  • INstil a sense of responsibility in the learners by training them to take full responsibility for their learnining from Grade R to Grade 12.
  • Help learners develop thinking skills.
  • Emphasize investigative learning rather than spoon-feed the learner with knowledge.
  • Produce learners who are disciplined, act with restraint and are resourceful.
  • Forge a positive partnership with parents and the wider community.
  • Involve learners in work experience, entrepreneurial activities and community service.
  • Produce learners with leadership qualities.


Admission Policy and Withdrawal Procedure

 Applications are accepted from the begining of the year until 31 August. Interviews and entrance examinations are held in English and Mathematics in the third week of September.

The examinations are meant to ascertain the level at which he/she will be able to make progress without getting frustrated. Once a learner has been admitted, the parents are asked to forn=mally register their child by filling in a registration and agreement form.

In a case where the parent wants to withdraw their child from school, a term's notice must be given in writing to the Headmistress. Failure to do this results in a term's fees being charged in lieu of notice.

School Hours

The school day begins at 07:45 for all classes. It has been planned so as to provide a balanced timetable across the spectrum of the curriculum. Teachers meet the learners at the door each morninig at 07:45. The different phases have their school hours as follows:

Pre-primary and Junior Primary: 07:45 to 13:00 (13:30 for Grade 3)

Senior Primary Senior School : 07:45 to 15:00 Tue to Thu

Senior Primary : 07:45 to 13:30 Mon and Fri

Senior School : 07:45 to 14:00 Mon and Fri

The time set aside for sport, clubs and societies will also be used for extra tuition and study.


Although there are different sections, Vela School is administered as one schoolwith the main office in the Senior School. The broad divisions ar ethe Junior School (Playschool, Grade R to Grade 7) and Senior School (Grade 8 to Grade 12).

School Uniform

It is regulation that learners are correctly dressed at all times. Playschool and Grade R learners do not have a stipulated uniform. They are expected to wear comfortable clothes.

Marking of Clothes and School Items

Parents are strongly urged to mark all items of clothing, school bags, lunch boxes, etc belonging to their child. Articles not claimed by parents at the end of each term will be sent to the Thrift Shop. Uniform in good condition will be sold at reasonable prices.

Parents and pupils in Pre-primary and Junior Primary must please make sure that the child's name, home address and telephone numbers are written on the child's school bag.